Let yourself be enchanted by a walk to the beat of intoxicating scents and gorgeous colors of 1000 different lilac.

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The Lilac Museum was developed in two stages. The first part comprises 200 different lilacs and is the planting of a book, Les Lilas by Frank Moro and Rock Giguère published in 2005 at Éditions de l’Homme.

As one walks along, one can follow the book pages. A plate identifies each plant, which is the reproduction of the book page.

The second part of the collection contains about 650 different lilacs and by 2018 another 150 will have been added. These are integrated to the book plants as to group lilacs from a breeder, a country or geographic region together.

The complete collection will, by 2018, have 1000 different lilac cultivars. These are rare specimens and very often the only specimen available making The Lilac Museum a unique garden and touristic attraction.

Our catalog can be search alphabetically, allowing you to view each plant and find its location on a map.

The photographs are the property of the authors and cannot be used without written consent.

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